The Thing about Being

June 3, 2016

Charcoal, beeswax and silver.

Occasionally, while I'm sitting in front of a piece of work, my thoughts will drift off; I will scribble absently and ask myself curious questions. Is the finished sculpture in the end just an image of my draft and the clay sketch is the actual Artwork? Or are both just an idea, made visible to others?

During these strange thoughts about being and remaining, original and copy (and during the lecture of irish myths and a cup of tea) the following idea came to mind:

Classical, but inverse. Take a negative of the carved wooden heads, line the negative with silver leaf. Burn the wood and crush the charcoal, mix it with beeswax and fill the negatives with this mixture. Let the casts cool off and open them. The resulting products are a shadow of the original, are neither model nor origin.

But maybe they are a visible idea.

Or maybe I shouldn't read as many surreal myths before going to bed.


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